Mars Forex EA(每個交易日)(最少租用20個交易日)




Mars is a Forex Expert Advisor designed for EUR / USD using a 5 minute timeframe.

Mars  is based on the reverse breakout of highs and lows, a trend filter and  % stoploss.

The results are excellent and the backtest from 2013 shows very good results.

It is possible to use a money management method (fixed fractional) and set it’s intensity.

Mars parameters can be modified, but the preset parameters have been chosen with the intent of obtaining the maximum ratio between profitability and stability.


  • lot = lot size (default: 1); –> only if money_management_on_off is inactive!
  • magic_number = unique number for each chart (default: 19077);
  • comment = order comment (default: “MARS”);
  • average = length of simple moving average for trend filter (default: 100);
  • max_min = period of bars considered for the breakout level (default: 30);
  • sl = stop loss, % (default: 0.004 = 0,4%);
  • money_management_on_off = set to 1 for activate money management, set to 0 for deactivate money management (default: 1);
  • money_management_intensity = more higher is this parameter, more higher will be the gain and the risk (default: 0.07);

Money Management Intensity

it’s important to not set the value of money_management_intensity too much high.

0.01 – 0.03 –> conservative approach

0.04 – 0.07 –> normal approach

0.08 – higher — > aggressive approach