EA Sapphire(每個交易日)(最少租用20個交易日)




EA Sapphire is a fully automated expert adviser that uses a model of trading at key price levels. Each market’s entry point is analyzed by an advanced selection algorithm and, depending on the specified criteria, a strategy of rebound or breakout of the key level is used. All trading positions contain a protective stop order, and also include take profit and break-even levels. The expert contains a block of trailing stop order, a flexible filter of economic news, a block of protection from increasing the spread, separate time and day trade filters. Advisor allows you to work as a fixed lot or use automatic calculation based on the given risk for one transaction.


  • Advanced algorithm for tracking positions.
  • Each item contains a protective stop order.
  • Work with fixed and autolots based on MM.
  • There is no need to disconnect the expert at the time of news release.
  • Does not use indicators, grid, martingale, arbitration.
  • Work with four and five-digit quotes.
  • Filter of economic news.
  • Protection against spread increase.
  • Low trading drawdown.
  • Flexible configuration.


  • The minimum deposit is $100.
  • Recommended pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.
  • Timeframes: H1 and higher.
  • Use an ECN-broker with fast order execution.
  • For reliable and trouble-free operation it is desirable VPS.


  • FixedLot – fixed trading lot;
  • AutoLot  – use automatic lot calculation;
  • RiskPerTrade – risk per one trade, %;
  • TradeBuy – use long positions;
  • TradeSell – use short positions;
  • TakeProfit – take profit level, pips;
  • StopLoss – stop loss level, pips
  • TrailSL – trailing stop level, pips;
  • TrailStep – trailing step level, pips;
  • BuyShift – offset of entry point of long position, pips;
  • SellShift – offset of entry point of short position, pips;
  • RepairSL – use the drawdown reduction unit;
  • BreakEven – use the break-even block;
  • BELevel – break-even level, pips;
  • BEPips – break-even size, pips;
  • UseSpreadFilter – use high spread protection;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowable spread, pips;
  • UseNewsFilter – use the news filter;
  • DetectLowNews – detect low importance news;
  • PauseBeforeLow – pause before the release of news with low importance, min;
  • PauseAfterLow – pause after the release of news with low importance, min;
  • DetectMiddleNews – detect medium importance news;
  • PauseBeforeMiddle – pause before the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • PauseAfterMiddle  – pause after the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • DetectHighNews –  detect high-priority news;
  • PauseBeforeHigh – pause before the release of news with high importance, min;
  • PauseAfterHigh – pause after the release of news with high importance, min;
  • DetectNFPNews – detect “Non Farm Payrolls” news;
  • PauseBeforeNFP – pause before the NFP release, min;
  • PauseAfterNFP – pause after the NFP release, min;
  • SymbolNews – track the news of the current symbol only;
  • ServerGMT – trading server GMT zone;
  • UseTimeFilter  – use time filter;
  • HourStart – EA operation start time, hour;
  • MinuteStart – EA operation start time, min;
  • HourEnd – EA operation end time, hour;
  • MinuteEnd – EA operation end time, min;
  • Monday – enable / disable work on Monday;
  • Tuesday – enable / disable work on Tuesday;
  • Wednesday – enable / disable work on Wednesday;
  • Thursday – enable / disable work on Thursday;
  • Friday – enable / disable work on Friday;
  • Range – entry points search range, bars;
  • TradeComment – comments for the EA’s orders;
  • ShowInfoPanel – show information panel;
  • MagicNumber – unique identifier of the Ea’s orders.